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Technology for the future of Smart Office Automation

A smart office is one that makes it easier and more efficient for employees to complete their work by automating and streamlining various business processes with technology. From smart lighting systems to voice-activated virtual assistants that can handle administrative tasks, there are many different components that make up a smart office. Smart office solutions improves the working environment through the use of smart office technology. These systems/technology can help in improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It is also called as ‘smart’ because it uses advanced sensors for monitoring various aspects of the workplace. It helps in making the workplace more efficient by providing accurate information about the status of the equipment and people at any given time.

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Benefits of a smart office system

There are numerous benefits to invest in a real smart office setup, whether it is being newly constructed or renovated:

  • More comfort
    Monitor the status of all the equipment in real-time making it easier for users to perform their jobs faster and better.

  • Lower energy consumption
    Save Energy and reduce costs with automated lighting and temperature control.

  • Totally Safe & Secure
    Improved safety at the workplace with a system that stays active 24/7 with real time alerts on any suspicious activity.

  • Managing Devices
    Fully automated system integration that can be managed through one unified App (smart office application).

Implementing smart and automated office solutions

Smart Office Lighting

Smart lighting has been around for quite some time now with intelligent light bulbs that turn on or off based on occupancy patterns. The right balance of natural, bright, or cool lighting can better support employees’ energy and focus. Plus, lighting is efficiently controlled by smart systems which reduces energy consumption especially if there’s enough natural light indoors. Read more on smart switches.

Smart Office Lighting
Security System
Security Systems

We automate security cameras & alarm systems for offices or building premises. While alarm systems remain activated during non-working hours, they get automatically deactivated when the first employee enters the premises using the NFC code touch. Security cameras monitor your facility 24/7 and provide real-time updated using object detection algorithm. When triggered, alarm systems can invoke a sequence of reaction form external alarms, flashing of building lights, alerts through internal speakers. Nominated personnel will also be notified through alerts on their smartphone. Monitor your property from anywhere via Smart Security System.

Smart Blinds

A fully automated smart curtains system for automatically regulating the intensity of light emitted by an artificial lighting source according to its location relative to the Sun, solar radiation levels and ambient temperatures. Automatic shades can be an enormous help when trying to create a perfect office environment.

Smart Curtains
Multiroom audio

Multiroom Audio

Offer your employees, customers or visitors soothing piped music in designated areas of your building. This can be a welcoming feature in reception lobbies, guest toilets, stairways, and recreational areas of the office. Control can be programmed for lunchtime or when entertaining guests. Our multiroom audio system offers automated music, multiple audio sources, announcements from an easy-to-use App control.

Energy Management

With the rise of green initiatives and awareness among corporate offices, there is an increased need for smart energy management solutions. The benefits include reduced electricity bills, improved environmental sustainability, and increased employee satisfaction. Our systems keep an eye on power consumption and can balance energy usage during peak times. Usage data can be easily viewed from our App and notifications can set if energy usage reaches a specified threshold
Smart Energy Management
Access control

Access Control

We implement simple and personalised access control for company staff. Your employees or contractors can present their NFC Key Fob to the NFC Code Touch, and they’ll be granted the relevant access as per permissions set. The NFC Key Fob provides a cost-effective alternative to keys, which can be placed directly on a key ring. If someone loses their key fob, or access needs to be rescinded then the admin can simply delete that user’s fob (via the app) and, if needed, pair a new one.

Environment Monitoring Systems

Our Environment Monitoring System monitors critical factors like water leak, temperature, humidity, fire, power consumption and more. It allows users to track different IoT enabled devices remotely and in real-time. The monitoring device provides a 24/7 operation wherein if an equipment fails or a problem arise, it instantly notifies you through SMS and email thus preventing equipment failure, downtime, and potential losses. Our smart server give seamless integration of industry protocols such as BACnet, Modbus_RTU, RS232, RS485, CAN, etc.

Also check some latest smart home features too.

Smart Environment Monitoring Systems
Smart Glass

Smart Glass

This glass looks like normal double-glazed unit but with an added extra layer of customization. When you look at the glass, you will notice there are two layers: one on top of the other. The bottom layer is usually made up of ordinary glass, while the top layer is made up of special material called electrochromic glass. When electricity is applied to the EC glass, it changes color. In this case, the EC glass turns dark blue when electricity is applied and becomes transparent again when it’s removed. Save your time with smart glass. Official partner of loxone.

Simple Steps for Smart Office Automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of smart office?

A smart office is a workspace that is designed to be efficient, comfortable, and equipped with the latest technology. It is a workplace that enhances the employee's work experience and productivity while maintaining a sustainable environment.

2. How do I design a smart office in Malaysia?

Designing a smart office requires an understanding of the office's requirements, such as layout, lighting, and color scheme.

3. What technology do I need in my smart office?

A smart office must have high-speed internet, video conferencing equipment, smart lighting, and smart thermostats.

4. Which factors do I consider building a smart office?

Building a smart office in Malaysia requires careful consideration of various factors, such as office space design, technology, and sustainability.

Our Advantage for Smart Office Solutions

  • Partnership of smart solution market leaders like Loxone and KNX
  • Office automation and control without the cloud. Your data and systems stays on your premises
  • Customises solution for retrofitting existing offices as well as new builds
  • App or wall panel UI design customised with your office floorplan
  • Premium and affordable range of solutions
  • Smart Server with the integration of industry standard protocols.
  • Strong customer service and after sales support

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