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Grapes and Loxone Smart Home Partnership

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Grapes is excited to partner with Loxone Electronics GmbH – a leading provider of automation systems with intuitive control. As a Loxone Silver Partner in Malaysia we are empowered with various capabilities from Loxone Smart Home such as – 

Loxone Malaysia Partner certificate

About Loxone Electronics GmbH

Founded in 2009, Loxone revolutionised the smart home industry with the green Loxone Miniserver and is now the market leader in this segment. Employing over 400 people, the Loxone Group is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of home and building automation worldwide. The group headquarters is based in Kollerschlag, Austria where its core product and sales strategy are developed. Loxone stands for high quality, competence, and economic success which is reflected in the variety of awards they have won for their products and company ethos. Read more about Loxone on their website at –

Loxone based Solutions & Capabilities Offered in Malaysia


All aspects of your home, such as lighting, cooling, the blinds etc. work together in harmony to ensure a level of intelligent automation. A Loxone Smart Home simply knows what to do. It helps you increase the energy-efficiency of your home, and should you wish to manually interact with your home, you can do so from just one simple point of control.

Custom Applications

Regardless of how unique your project is, Loxone can offer you high levels of automation as a customised building management system. The Loxone Miniserver – the brain of the system – is intelligent enough to process detailed logic, so individual requirements are no issue whatsoever.


Loxone offers you endless flexibility – combine different light sources to create completely personal lighting moods. Each light source can act independently which lets you get extremely creative with your moods. Amazing contrast can be created by using, for example, spotlights as your primary source of light however then LED tape to add accent lighting to the room.


With Loxone’s intelligent cooling (and heating) control you can completely automate your cooling schedule to ensure each room is always at the desired temperature. Your rooms are always at the perfect temperature.


Loxone offers a large portfolio of high-quality products, user-friendly applications and intuitive programming software creating an unparalleled ecosystem with a range of open interfaces. This makes Loxone a fully scalable solution perfect for MDUs, hotels, offices, as well as other commercial and custom applications.

Non-Cloud, On premise

Unlike other systems with Loxone there is no storage or processing of your data in a cloud. Sensitive data, such as the number of people at home, schedules, camera images of door intercom systems, the status of the alarm system, etc. remain in your own four walls.


Whether it’s Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blind, shutters or curtains a Loxone automated smart blind system saves you from constantly having to adjust your blinds. However, that’s not all it does. It uses solar energy to heat your rooms cost-effectively, protects you and your privacy, automatically ensures comfortable temperatures and much more.

Multiroom Audio

A Loxone multiroom audio system helps you create the perfect atmosphere – whatever the occasion. Set individual room playlists so that the right music is always playing, be woken up by your favourite song, set a personalised doorbell sound and much more.

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