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Smart Home Automation Solution in Malaysia

Grapes believes home automation should be easy and affordable, that everyone can embrace the smart home technology in their houses. With this mission, we are introducing Loxone smart home solution an economical, secure, and user-friendly. The centralized intelligent smart home automation system are perfectly integrated lighting, cooling, curtains, and other systems to build a Real Smart Home.


Automate your Life

Improves the way we live our daily lives.

Our lives are filled with routine tasks that we don’t often consider it such as: turning on and off the lights, operating curtains and blinds, regulating the temperature, etc. In a smart home all of those tasks are completed automatically. Additionally, this not only saves time, but also guarantees greater comfort and saving energy cost.

Automate your Life
benefits of smart home

The benefits of a smart home system

There are numerous benefits to invest in a real smart house, whether it is being newly constructed or renovated:

  • More comfort
    A smart home provides the perfect temperature everywhere, ambient music in the background, sun blinds, and much more.

  • Lower energy consumption
    Reduce your electricity costs with intelligent energy management.

  • Totally Safe & Secure
    A smart home provides a variety of security features, Protecting you from burglars, dangers and protecting your privacy.

  • Save More Time
    More than 50,000 jobs are automated annually by a smart home, which helps you save lots of time.

  • Maintain Privacy
    For more privacy and security, system shouldn’t be dependent on the cloud or the internet.

  • Managing Devices
    A perfect solution with more flexibility than you will ever expect.

Everything is Interconnected

Grapes enables an ecosystem of devices in a smart home that work intelligently together.
The perfect synchronization of lighting, cooling, security, blinds, multi-room audio, and more.
This creates an exceptional living environment.


Lighting gives your home a living energy and our intelligent lighting control automate lighting by activate lighting mood as you enter.


Does your house has air conditioner? Our intelligent cooling controller automates your air-cons to guarantee that each room is always at the desired temperature.


Grapes Smart Home has multiple layers of security. It syncs cameras, alarms, access control, presence detectors, smoke detectors, leak detectors and more.

Curtains Control

Curtains, venetian blinds, roller blinds and even awnings all perfectly control with Grapes Smart Home. The blinds will close automatically when room get hot.

Multi-Room Audio

With multi-room audio, you could play and control music from anywhere in the house. You can play songs in a room, while your son listens to podcasts in their room.

Energy Management

Your energy consumption can be reduced with Grapes by utilizing lighting, cooling, curtains, and many other features in the most effective way.

Access Control

Keep an eye on what is happening at your front door and speak with guests even when you are not home. Access your door by using your fingerprint, a PIN, or remotely.


Pool care can be complicated. pH regulation, purifying water, filtering, backwashing, rinsing and much more. Well with Grapes Smart Home everything in control.

Whole Home Network

Manage your whole home network to guarantee constant WIFI connectivity throughout the entire house, can get better speed of browsing & streaming.

Intelligent & Efficient Automation for Everyone

Grapes provides a comprehensive automation solution for homes, workplaces, meeting spaces, and other buildings.
Life moves quickly. Your intelligent home is ready to help.

Home Owners

Make your living space Intelligent, we provide a complete solution, from consultation to planning to implementation and after-sales service. This covers both new construction and renovations.
Smart Home Owners
Smart Offices Solution

Smart Offices

Contact us to automate your workplaces and other commercial buildings. Grapes provides a high quality solution, user-friendly software, and easy controls that together provide a robust ecosystem with a variety of open interfaces.
Interior Designers & Contractors
We do full automation projects in a variety of areas, including lighting, cooling, curtains, security, and more. We carry out this service for construction experts from architects to project developers and contractors.
Interior Designers and Contractors |
smart home automation products
We provide and install the best home automation system available, done by fully qualified and certified technicians.

We give homeowners free consultations and smart home demonstrations. After that proposal will be prepared based on floorplan once order confirm our installers start planning and design wiring and system layout.

Our Smart Home installers are highly skilled, professionally trained, and have many years of experience. Our systems and products are approved and meet quality standards. In order to give our customers complete piece of mind, our maintenance and support package includes annual testing on electrics. 

We’re on the go to make Smart Home Malaysia

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is In a Smart Home?

It is the future of homes that consist of your house lighting, curtains, audio, security, and much more all working together to achieve a harmonious system. Everything is controlled without you needing to lift a finger or using your phone to control it. But, you can also do so if you wish to control the system. This is what how smart home life is meant to be.

2. Is a Smart Home Worth It?

Yes, of course! It is worth it simply for the convenience for all homeowners out there. By having a smart home, you can be at ease for not needing to remember to turn on and off certain switches or to arm your home. It also saves your energy and electric bills at the end of the month. Sit back and relax as your smart devices takes care of all your home tasks.

3. How does smart home work?

It works by having an integrated and seamless system. This integrated system can be done by either a wired or wireless system. However, we recommend a wired system as it is more stable than wireless and is not prone to any outside interference. Worry not, as we are partners of Loxone which offers a complete smart home solution that is perfectly able to integrate into existing homes and new homes alike.

4. How much does a smart home system cost?

Let’s first debunk a myth about the cost! Smart home systems are NOT costly. The pricing may vary according to your home size and type. Even so, you are always welcome to a free consultation with our experts at any time to ensure you have the right solution that match your budget.

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