Smart Switches in Malaysia

Free to ON / OFF lights with unlimited distance

A smart switch is a replacement of the traditional switch but has many extra functions like it can be programmed so that when you press the button, it will automatically turn off all the lights in the room. Or if you want to leave one light on, you can set up a schedule where the light turns on at night and turns off during the day. The main benefit of a smart switch is that it saves energy and money. Furthermore, it can also be controlled from your smartphone.

Smart Home Implementation

Benefits of Smart Switches

There are numerous benefits to invest in smart switches setup, whether it is being newly constructed or renovated:

  • Convenience
    You don’t need to remember to turn on/off appliances manually anymore.

  • Energy Savings
    You can save energy by turning off appliances when not in use.

  • Safety 
    You can prevent accidents such as burns and fires by turning off appliances when leaving the room.

  • Security
    You can lock doors and windows temporarily if there are unsupervised young kids at home.

  • Comfort 
    You can lower the temperature of your home when you leave it.

What can Smart Switches automate in your Home?

Smart Switches can integrate and automate various home devices such as the lightings, cooling (fans, and air-conditioning), and home appliances thereby eliminating the need to get up and walk each time to turn them on or off. They also help you pre-set functions like turning on the aircon and music before you or your guests are due to arrive at home. Grapes recommends using Loxone Smart Switch which are one of the most advance systems available in Malaysia and abroad. Here are some of the most common applications 

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is an advanced system that controls and manages lighting in your home. It uses sensors to detect motion and ambient light levels to adjust the brightness of lamps automatically. It can even dim the lights based on occupancy. Smart Lights typically work by connecting to Wi-Fi networks and communicating with a central hub. Saving energy, reduced electricity bills, automation and easy control of the home environment are some of the benefits realized. 

We cater to all different scenarios that may exist for homeowners in Malaysia

  • Smart Lighting with Smart Switches
    Grapes has appropriate solutions for homes that are being newly built, undergoing renovation, or need retrofitting without any reno works. We offer range of designs and colours that match just right for your interior decor.

  • Smart Lighting with existing old Switches
    If you have already spent a decent sum on modern lighting but with traditional switches then Grapes can implement smart lighting which can be controlled from an App on your smartphone and co-exists with your existing switches.

  • Smart Lighting without any Switch
    You can avoid the hassle of hacking or wiring a panel of wall switches in each room by controlling the entire house lighting from a single smart switch or operate using the control panel on your phone/tablet/PC. Our smart home solution works on an independent network so you can operate your home lighting with or without internet.
Smart Lighting
Smart Cooling

Smart Cooling helps keep homes at an optimal temperature. They use sensors to measure the temperature inside the house and regulate the air conditioning accordingly. The main benefit of using a smart cooling system is that it saves energy and prepares the home environment to be ideal when you or your guest are due to arrive.

Our intelligent cooling controller automates your air conditioners and fans to ensure each room is always at the desired temperature. It monitors the indoor room temperature and auto-regulates the aircon and fans. The cooling controller eliminates the need for traditional remote control allowing you to operate from the App.

Open windows can be detected by the window and door contacts and devices are optimally adjusted or turned off considering outdoor temperature to ensure that no energy is wasted through open windows. If presence detection systems are in place, the cooling schedule is automatically extended if you stay in the room longer than anticipated. The controller along with sensors and the thermostat are the essential components for a Smart Cooling Systems

Smart Control for Appliances

Smart home appliances are becoming more common these days and are increasingly used make our lives easier. Some examples include

  • Kitchen Appliances
    You can program your oven or microwave to cook food at specific times.

  • HVAC Equipment
    You can program your heating or cooling appliances to run during certain hours of the night.

  • Water Heaters
    You can program your water heater to heat water only when needed.

  • Laundry Machines
    You can program your washer and dryer to wash clothes at different.

Using smart switches & sockets Grapes can automate appliances with your daily routines for e.g.- wake up routine which can automatically turn on coffee machine, toaster, and other devices. You can also control and monitor your home appliances at any time and from anywhere using Voice Assistants such Google Home, Alexa or Siri.

Smart Control for Appliances

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