The Versatile Smart Home Features
And Automated Control Solution

While the way that we build homes has remained relatively unchanged over the decades, the amount of technology that we’re including in them is increasing – this can result in having multiple switches and points of control in each room with smart home installation.

If you’re planning a new build, renovation or extension, it is the right time to ask yourself if there are better options. Is what you are including in your home going to compliment your lifestyle over the years to come?
Must checkout the benefits of smart home solutions in Malaysia.

We can improve the way technology is added to our homes without the risk of it becoming complicated. You can add extra lighting in your kitchen renovation or extension without a bank of switches to control it all… You can have a heating system that works on a room-by-room basis without extra buttons on the wall… Read on to find how get the best Smart Home Automation Packages in Malaysia.

Smart Home Automation Package in Malaysia

Smart Home Automation Packages in Malaysia

Customized to Fit Your Needs, Adapted to Fit Your Budget.

Option 1


From RM 5,000

Make everyday living
smarter with impressive

Looking to get started with core elements of home automation? Enjoy the benefits of living in a smart home with the Smart option. This package includes a variety of features in the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom.
You have plenty of room for future upgrades.

Smart Switch | Grapes Smart Tech

Touch Tree

Valve Actuator Tree | Grapes Smart Tech

Valve Actuator Tree

Presence Sensor Tree | Grapes Smart Tech

Presence Sensor Tree

Smart Home Automation Package

Option 2


From RM 10,000

Advanced technology
puts your lifestyle front
and center.

The Premium option includes everything from the Starter option with additional functionality. Smart features extend throughout the whole house for the luxury of an elevated lifestyle for the whole family. You can, of course, upgrade with additional features in the future.

Smart Switch | Grapes Smart Tech


Valve Actuator Tree | Grapes Smart Tech

Valve Actuator Tree

Presence Sensor Tree | Grapes Smart Tech

Presence Sensor Tree

In Ceiling 7 Speaker | Grapes Smart Tech

In-Ceiling 7 Speaker

Premium Home Automation Package

Option 3


From RM 20,000

Experience the highest level
of all-around living comfort.

The Exclusive option enhances the level of convenience and comfort even more so than the Elevated package. Suited with future-proof automation in all areas, the whole home meets your unique needs and exceeds smart homes as you know them. However, there‘s still room for upgrades.

Remote Air | Grapes Smart Tech

Remote Air

Touch Pure Tree | Grapes Smart Tech

Touch Pure Tree

Touch Nightlight Air | Grapes Smart Tech

Touch Nightlight Air

Weather Station Tree | Grapes Smart Tech

Weather Station Tree

Intercom NFC Code Touch | Grapes Smart Tech

Intercom + NFC Code Touch

Valve Actuator Tree | Grapes Smart Tech

Valve Actuator Tree

Presence Sensor Tree | Grapes Smart Tech

Presence Sensor Tree

Automatic Shading | Grapes Smart Tech

Automatic Shading

Caller Service | Grapes Smart Tech

Caller Service

Smoke Detector Air | Grapes Smart Tech

Smoke Detector Air

In Ceiling 7 Speaker | Grapes Smart Tech

In-Ceiling 7 Speaker

Garage Door Control | Grapes Smart Tech

Garage Door Control

smart Scoket Air | Grapes Smart Tech

Smart Socket Air

Exclusive Home Automation Package

Smart Home Features

75 Features

Features varies according to the packages mentioned above


  • Coloured, dimmable lighting in every room
  • Coloured, dimmable LED cabinet lighting in kitchen & bathroom
  • Coloured, dimmable pendant lighting in kitchen/diner
  • Option for automatic porch lighting
  • Option for lights to flash when doorbell is pressed
  • Control for a living room reading lamp


  • Smart bedside alarm clock with control for lighting


  • HD video intercom to see and speak with anyone at your front door
  • Connect to your intercom even when you’re not at home from the app
  • Automatic answering message
  •  Access and recent visitor history available in the app
  • App notifications when someone rings the doorbell
  • Keypad with fob

Central Functions

  • Night Mode
  • All Out Mode
  • Away Mode
  • Operating Modes
  • Room Off

Multiroom Audio

  • Play music in five rooms
  • Additional speakers in kitchen/diner & living room
  • Speakers play a notification when you have a visitor
  • Option to automatically stop music in the living room when the TV is turned on
  • Turn off the TV from selected switches
  • Control your TV from the Loxone App
  • TV can turn on & off to mimic occupancy when you’re on holiday.

5 Reasons to get a Smart Home Installation

less tase 2 | Grapes Smart Tech

50,000 less tasks, more time to live.

Loxone takes care of most tasks automatically –
giving you back time to enjoy yourself.

Comprehensive Solution | Grapes Smart Tech

Comprehensive Solution

We offer a complete solution meaning that whatever your requirements are we can help you.

Comprehensive security | Grapes Smart Tech

All-Round Security

We offer security that goes beyond protection from break-in – our security protects the building, offers privacy to occupants and more

Energy Cost | Grapes Smart Tech

Save Energy Costs

We use a range of intelligent techniques to ensure that you save money on your energy bill.

easy to use 2 | Grapes Smart Tech

Easy to Control

With just as little as one tap you can manually control lighting, blinds, audio and more if you’d like to. 

Simple Steps for Smart Home Automation

Free Consultation
Proposal & Order Confirmation
Proposal & Order Confirmation
Planning & Solution Design
Planning &
Solution Design
Installation & Order Confirmation
Installation & Confirmation
Warranty & Support
& Support

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